Text drama 9 Oktober 1740 is one of created by Remy Sylado which is formed drama except Siau Ling. This text which is launched by Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia on 2005 tells about love story between Hein de Wit and Hien Nio.

Text drama 9 Oktober 1740 consists of political intrigue and sentiment of nationality. This research searched text drama 9 Oktober 1740 as text which will perform actually planning phase with used Kernodle theory. This planning phase result can help understanding audience about this drama with Kernodle theory. General reader also can get the main of drama 9 Oktober 1740 with that theory.

This research also used statements of the other people who experts about drama. The focuses are structure, texture, and elements of drama 9 Oktober 1740 relation. The structure is the form of the play in form. The structure consists of plot, character and theme. This drama has linear plot, 17 characters, and the die of bad values which was trying to divorce the loves with is based of nationality different.

Texture is the experience of audience which gets from dialog, spectacle and mood. Dialog in this text used figurative style and low language. Spectacle stands in six places, Batavia, Amsterdam, Kartasura, Tangerang, Lasem and Semarang. Mood of this drama full of sentimental, actually between Hien Hio and Hien de Wit.

Structure and texture of this drama is to fill in each other. Three elements of structure have relations in there and so texture.

Key words: text drama 9 Oktober 1740, structure, plot, character, theme, texture,dialog, spectacle, mood, and elements of text drama 9 Oktober 1740 relation.

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